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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Athletics Day.

Athletics Day 2017!

Yesterday was our Athletics Day 2017! I could tell lots of people were excited. We got into our house groups and waited. I sat next to my friend Max. All my other friends were not there they were in different houses so we waited until it began.
We chatted until it was time to go.

Once it did start the 8 year old children came first. Mr Bainbridge said long jump was first. I watched children jump a very long way, children were in the way of my view so I couldn't tell where my friend Max landed. I'm  sure he did a great job though! They marked how far children jumped with little flags. I don't know who jumped the longest but everyone went very far. It looked fun.

Next was shotput, we lined up in the longest line I have ever seen. Luckily I was near the front a very long line. My Mum watched me do shot put. I had a headache. It was boiling hot in the flaming sun. When it was my turn I lifted up the heavy shot put and pushed it as far as I could.  Ms Roberts said “Great job!” We walked into the tiger turf

First Mr Tomokino talked. Then I watched children go into groups and do confusing relays there were a lot of equipment. Mr Macman shouted “GO!!”  Children ran and did  crazy things. They put beanbags on their heads and tried to balance them while doing relays. There were equipment and toys in hula hoops. I saw lots of different colours bursting down the turf and back again.  

It was fun watching all of the children jumping and running I felt good and I did a great job at shotput the long jump looked really fun. The freshly mown grass looked very nice and we were lucky it was such a sunny day. If it was a rainy day it would not be very nice it would be wet and cold and it wouldn't be that fun.                                                                                                                                                                     I think I did a great job at describing.

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  1. Dillon, I like how you are using a variety of simple and compound sentences. - Mrs T