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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Ugly Duckling.

The ugly Duckling

Once upon a time there was a mother and father duck and they were waiting for their ducklings to hatch then they heard little quack's.  They saw their ducklings hatching out of the eggs and when all the ducklings were out of their eggs they heard one different sounding quack come out of a different egg. When the baby duckling came out the mother said ‘’You  are so ugly! You can't be our baby! You are grey and to pale.’’ The duckling was left alone while the duck family went far away without their other baby that they called ugly.
Then he wandered away. He looked at his reflection in the pond and he checked his legs, they were fine. Then his wings, they were fine but then he looked at his face and a tear rolled down his cheek. He decided to never look at his face again.

He carried on wandering until he reached a snowy place. A large snowball was rolling behind him and  he quacked really loud “QUACK’’.  A nearby woodcutter heard the quack and ran over to the ugly duckling. He said, ”poor little thing.’’ He took the duckling to his house and put him in a bed close to the fire place and said “I will look after you don't worry.’’
When he got older he wondered to the pond because it was a nice sunny day. He saw some swans and then he saw the prettiest swan. She said to him, ”are you new around here?”
“ No I live in the woodcutter's house. I don't come out often’’ said the ugly duck.
“Why is that?’’ she said.
“Because everybody thinks I am ugly, I am an ugly duck.’’
The swans laughed and he turned to the woodcutter's house
“Where are you going?’’ she said.
“Even you swans think I'm ugly’’
“No we don't. You are not a duck, you're a swan.”
The ugly duck turned around he was shocked he said “really?”
’’ Yes,” she said.
”You are the most handsome swan I have ever seen,” she said. She told him to come In the water. He saw a large leaf and they made it a boat and sailed away in a large leaf boat with some pieces of wood holding the leaf sails up. They sailed away down the river  with the swans and they lived happily ever after The End.

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This week I had to write a Fairy tale and change its ending, I changed the ending by making the swans and the swan( which was the ugly duckling) they sail away on a leaf boat.


  1. I like how you kept the reader interested.

  2. I like how you used new lines for the new speakers

  3. Dillon, I like your choice of vocab in your narrative. I like how you have used the words and phrase - reflection, wandering and tear rolling down his check. - Mrs T