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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character Description

Aunt Alberta is the main character of the book Awful Auntie.

Aunt Alberta  is cruel and mean to her niece. she is so obsessed with tiddly winks that she has to win every game she wins by cheating. she is rude and cruel  when her niece Stella hears a bedtime story Alberta always adds horrible endings to the stories like jack and the beanstalk jack is climbing the beanstalk and he loses grip and topples down on his mother's head and SPLAT! Next story: hansel and gretel they are the ones who get shoved in the oven!

She wears a monocle and has a great bavarian mountain owl on her hand called wagna she has a smoking pipe. she has red hair and a tweed jacket she also has a deerstalker hat she has a owl pendant.

She likes owls and she likes tiddly winks and she smokes Wagna is very smart he will help aunt alberta do mean tricks on people.  She likes cheating at tiddly winks  She likes being mean.

She is like a bandit trying to rule saxby halls and make it her house.   

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