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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mt.Albert wave pools

As I walked through the doors I saw a slide it was blue and dark blue. We saw lifeguards in bright   orange T shirts. We went to a room with a long pool. We met a lady and her name was Carol. “ We are going to go on a boat” she said and she told us to get on the boat. The boat was on the floor so we all got in it. We could not fit so we hopped out.  We had six people in the boat at once. When the first boat came back, I went.  We were floating in the boat and then we paddled back to the edge of the pool. Then we went to our second activity we met a man. We floated on our backs.  I could not float on my back. So he gave us milk bottles to float on then we held bags and air was in the bag.  It floated then we saved each other with ropes. Then we went to our last activity. We went in the wave pool and we got lifejackets on and we floated in the waves then we had free time we played and swam in the pool after we got changed and and went back in the bus.

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  1. Great effort Dillon. Next time see if you can just stick with the DAD structure rather than it becoming a recount. - Mrs T