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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comparing Taonga

We are writing a comparison.  We are comparing  Avinash’s photos and Dillon’s medal which are both taonga. Taonga is the maori word for treasure.

Our toanga are the same because Dillon's medal and Avinash’s photos  remind us of memories. Avinash and Dillon's taonga are both flat and they both are made out of paper.  They were both made out of machines.

Our taonga are different because Dillons taonga is older than Avinash’s photos. Dillon’s Medal had to be earnt. The medal was for bravery and Avinash’s photos are for having fun. Avinash got his photos when he was little and Dillon’s medal was got by his great grandfather.  Avinash's photos are colorful and Dillon’s is just silver.  Avinash's photos are less older than Dillons medal.

We feel happy and proud when we look at our taonga . They are very special to our families.
We are lucky to have taonga and  we  feel special.

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